My Analog Cameras Part 1

Three years ago, my officemates and I went to Rockwell. It was my first time visiting the posh mall, which is famous to rich people. It houses several foreign brands and high end stores so I was really looking forward to it. I didn’t know that day will mark a special moment in my life.

It was actually a small mall, filled only with high end stores. There was nothing much to visit, espcially that we were just roaming around, killing some time before heading back to work. At the second floor, we went into this clothing store with Filipino designed shirts and apparel. At the corner was a glass casing filled with what looked like colorful toys.

Lomography- the brand of the camera is marked everywhere within that section. I was fascinated with all the cameras but honestly, I didn’t have any experience in using film cameras, or atleast good experiences. When I was still in grade school I opened our Kodak Automatic camera while a film was still on it. Last thing I remembered, my mother was yelling at me for exposing the film. The precious photos of my younger brother’s competition (hindi ko maalala) was all gone and for my sentimental mother, the photos were very important. The second incident was when my I borrowed this expensive looking camera from my aunt for my high school graduation. When I gave it back, I remembered my parents preaching me how they spent two thousand pesos to fix it, after I accidentally broked its lens. The last scenario was in college, my professor required us to buy an SLR camera (Yashic FX-7) for our photojournalism class. My parents spent three thousand pesos for it. After the the term, they were insinuating that I wasted the money for an SLR that I only used twice during the whole term. They were right.

I wanted to buy one Lomography camera, but I had no money. The cameras were very expensive and even if I withdrew all that money in my ATM, it won’t still be enough. My officemate, who probably saw my eagerness to buy the camera (since I was looking at it for hours) offered her credit card. I agreed and looked for a good camera. I do not have any idea what to take. Back then the popular cameras where the newly released Diana F+. There were also muti-lens cameras, Holga’s, the Frogeye and then there is this limited edition white camera that has this huge rounded lens in front, with a circular viewfinder at the top. I took it. During that time, I never knew that it would be the first camera that would lead me to my fascination to Lomography.

I enjoyed using my camera and every week I would go out an take photos and develop it. Honestly it was an expensive hobby but I was really happy doing it. I started buying new cameras, joined the lomography community website, published albums and actively participated in the website. What was then my Sunday hobby, became a part of my lifestyle. Everyday, I bring my camera and I always look at things in different angles, thinking of how best to shoot it, even if I am not taking a picture. Lomography has gotten in to me.

As a proud lomographer, let me introduce my analog camera collection:

Fisheye 2

My very first lomographic camera, this 35 mm camera can create a perfect 170 degree shot.This version has internal flash and and a hot shoe for external shots. I really had fun using this camera. Too bad I only used it for less than a year after the B (long exposure) setting was broken. I had it fixed in the shop were I bought it but their service was so bad that after a few months (the warranty got expired already) I gave up on using it again. Thanks to my friends persistance, I now have my fishye 2 back.

Yashica FX-7

This is my first and only SLR camera. I bought this for my photo journalism class but I only used it for two projects. I never sold it after the class ended because I really enjoyed taking photos and I hoped to use it again. I seldom use this camera though, because it is heavy but this camera looks very sturdy. I also like the results of my picture because if its 42-75 mm zoom lens. A camera expert that I once talk with once said that Yashica cameras do not get great photos. Maybe…but I believe that it is not all about the tool, it is more about the user.

Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim

After months of not taking photos after my fisheye 2 broke, I badly missed snaping the shutter so when my friend told me about a Vivitar UWS for sale, I quickly told her that I want to buy it. Honestly, I thought that it was like the Superheadz UWS versions, but apparently it was the original. It was okay though. The camera lives to its name because this cheap, plastic camera boast a 22 mm wide angle lens that is incomparable to any other cheap cameras. It is a point and shoot camera so it is very easy to use. The camera also boast a noticeable vignette that is comparible to the Lomo LCA, that is why it is called “the poor man’s lca”. I blame this camera on why I became addicted to cameras. After getting this, it seems that I can not stop thinking of buying other cameras just to try it out.


3 thoughts on “My Analog Cameras Part 1

    • Thank you for visiting. Yes, vivitar UWS is a nice camera to try. It is sad that I do not use it much anymore because LCA is much reliable for shooting indoors and at night.
      You have nice collection as well. BTW do you have a lomography account?

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