My Analog Cameras Part 2

Lomo LC-A+

I observed how photos in the Lomographic Community are mostly taken with a Lomo LC-A+. I got so interested with the maiden camera of the Lomographic society that I non-hesistantly bought one when my friends went to Singapore. No doubt, the expensive price is worthy of the stunning photos it takes. It has an automatic meter that acurately reads the light so that the photos won’t be over or under exposed. All I have to do is set the film speed, point, and then shoot. I get very vivid, crisp photos because of its Minitar 1 32mm lens. No doubt this is the first camera, expert lomographers suggest for newbies because it is easy to use and gives fascinating results.

Olympus Pen EE3

A camera I bought impulsively, this was purchased after seeing a camera review in lomography website. The photographer creatively used the half-frame function of the camera and I was impressed. When I saw one sold online, I quickly contacted the seller. The camera is cute and it boast a selenium light meter that won’t take photos when the light is too dark. It also adjust the aperture depending on the amount of light so you get properly exposed photos. I only used this camera twice but I really want to experiment more, I just can get the opportunity to do so.


Another camera I bought impulsively after seeing action sampler photos in the website. My friend had her Diana mini fixed so she is the one who first tried my camera. Actually this camera, that takes four sequential shots, is a good addition to any camera collector (not that I am). Among all multilens cameras, I think this camera is the best. You can even create a GIF or mini movie with the shots you take.

Holga GCFN

After not buying a camera for a long time because I thought that I already have too many (which is true because I could not use most of them), I stopped on looking for cameras. But when I saw a lot of beautiful Holga shots in the selected photos of the website, I quickly hunted for a cheap Holga. This is my only 120 camera so far and I really like the results it gets. Although I am still not comfortable using it because I still forget to set the correct frame and have difficulty loading the film, I still enjoy using it. This meidum format camera is expensive to use because the film is a bit xpensive compared to my 35 mm cameras. The film only takes 12-16 shots unlike 36 exposures of a 135mm.

It is nice to try various cameras that is why I kept on buying them. Among all my cameras, it is the Lomo LC-A+ that I usually use because of its flexibility and accuracy in the exposure. I do not have to worry about taking photos indoors or at night because I am confident that the camera will adjust its shutter speed to the right time. Although I could not use my cameras often I am still happy that I bought all of them. Looking at my cameras even when I am not using it makes me happy. Will I still buy another camera? For now- no, but I really want to try certain cameras that are also famous in the Lomography community. One of it is so expensive so it will take me time to buy it.


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