My Christmas 2012 Wish List

Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba

When I was a kid I used to hung bags near our window so that Santa Claus could hang his gift for me. I know that I am a good boy so I always expect gifts from him. Before Christmas, my brother and I sits in front of the window and talk about what we want to get this Christmas. We say our wishes a loud so that he can hear us. Thankfully, he does every 25th of December.

He stopped giving me gifts now because I stopped asking from him. I never hung bags either so he probably do not know were to place his gifts.In the name of following traditions, I would like to share my wish-list this Christmas 2012. The world has gone technological so I hope Santa accepts wishes online too.

Belair X 6-12

Lomography Belair X 6-12

Either Globe Trotter, Jetsetter or City Slicker design, I would gladly take this newest Lomography cameras. This is a medium format camera meaning it loads 120 mm films. Aside from its vintage fold-out bellows system, the camera boasts automatic light meter just like Lomography’s front runner, Lomo LC-A. Automatic light meter on mediurm format cameras is a first of its kind so buying this camera makes you feel part of making history. You can also choose three different shooting formats- 6 x 6 Square, 6 x 9 Standard and 6 x 12 Panoramic, so you can really push your creative ideas with this. Like other LSI cameras, Belair X-6-12 has hot shoe, double exposure, long exposure and exchangeable lens system among others. The camera just made its debut this past month and LSI have not actually sold this in public. They accepts pre-order now and costs  US$ 255.42 to 345.72.


Lomography Horizon Perfect

Probably one of the best panoramic cameras, Horizon perfect captures full 120 degrees through its Swing-Lens Technology. Because of this, the photo results to have a barrel effect unlike other panoramic cameras like Sprocket Rocket and Holga 120 PAN. This is also pro like because lomographers can have full control of the cameras aperture and shutter settings. It uses 35mm films so it is easy to use and process. It used to be US$ 448.92 but now LSI is selling it for US$ 314.24.


1 TB External Hardrive

Among these short Christmas wish list, this is probably the cheapest. But this is also what I need immediately. I am downloading so many music, Asian movies, TV series and others, that the memory of my netbook has turned red. I have a 320 WD external HD but it is almost full as well. A new year is coming and of course more files to download. I need this 1 TB to keep up with my hobbies. If Santa won’t give me this, I’d probably buy it with my money but I probably be broke because I just bought and LED TV for my mother. Probably more than US$ 100.00.

I hope Santa’s elves use computers too to check whether a person has been good or bad. If they try to check my Facebook and other social networking sites, I am sure they will grant my wish (or wishes perhaps). If not, then maybe the first two items will remain to be my wish- something that a persons wants but cannot or probably will not happen.


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