Act II: The Music Of The Night Lives On


The play started but I do not want to let the opportunity to take some photos of the theatre before the shows starts. I know taking photos are not allowed but this is for documentation purposes only (hehehe).

The play was nothing compared to what I have seen before. All I watched before we local plays and I never thought that what Phantom of the Opera production can actually be done on stage. They transformed the stage in to the Paris Grand Opera House and send viewers right into the location of the play.

Even at the beginning when they moved the chandelier up the CCP main theatre is already stunning. I was lost with words and just looked at the piece. It even gave out some sparks to create an effect of lighting up an old chandelier.

Another thing that struck me is how they did the scene where the Phantom brought Christine Daae deep down the cellar. They were moving down, zigzagging from the top of the stage. I thought at first that they made some ladder or something but on the second thought maybe it is some lifted platform. Whatever it is, it amazed me. The boat scene was also magical to watch. The light illuminating the foggy stage was a scene I never seen before. And how they could move the boat was very intriguing for me.

The cast was all natural and despite having some problem in hearing the lines (because they speak so fast and the audio was so low), I can still feel their emotions. I also like how they add humor during the performance and even made a joke using Boracay as a hiding place for the managers after the Phantom started terrorizing the Opera House.

I expected a great performance from all the cast and crew of the play but I was still stunned on how professional, creative and engaging the play was. The moment the casts took the final bow, I cannot help but stand and clap nonstop. Even when I went out and met my friend (who sat far from my seat), I was still relieving the moments.

After the play, the fan boying continues as my friend hasn’t got the autograph from Anthony Downing who played the brave Raul.

Jordan Pollard signing autographs for the fans.

Cat Lane with my friend.

We hastily went towards the artist entrance and there were already loads of people waiting for them. We saw the Claire and other casts. As if they were still not tired, they still accommodated every fan who wants to take a picture with them. Anthony came but he was in a rush so he told us that he will come back later. It was already late and we do not want to wait; and so we followed him. We lost track but after a minute or two, his bright red shirt signalled us that he was at Army Navy, getting some food for sure.

Believe me. That is Anthony Downing, who played Raul. My Lo-fi camera was not as quick as digital cameras.

Since we know they were eating, we were hesitating to go inside or not. After 30 minutes of contemplating, we went to them and asked for a picture. Anthony was not as accommodating as the other leads we met but he still spared us a second to take a picture and sign an autograph.

At least my friend has this picture to prove that I really met Anthony.


Anthony signing my friend’s book.

My friend and I part ways and while on the jeepney, I cannot help myself but smile when I think of how fun stalking famous actors and watching a huge stage production such as Phantom of the Opera.


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