Why I do not like People Greeting Me on My Birthday


It is a custom for society to say greetings when it is someone’s birthday. The sincerest greeting makes someone thankful and anyone will be happy if someone greeted them on their birthday. It makes you feel important to the person because they remembered your birthday.

Despite the nice feeling, I prefer people not to greet me on my birthday. You see, I am very bad with numbers that is why I hate Math, and I always fail History exams involving years. Because of this, I cannot memorize the birthday of my friends. What I do is just greet them when someone greeted them. Because of this, I feel awkward and guilty when someone greets me on my birthday, and I cannot remember theirs. It is like gift giving during Christmas. Even though you do not plan on giving anything to someone, but since he gave you something, you feel required to give back. You then follow up your gift the next year after the holidays. That is what I feel when someone greeted me on my birthday.

For me, saying “happy birthday” is like saying “thank you for being part of my life” or “you are an important friend”. That is why I am thankful to my friends who greeted me on my birthday especially to Marco, who always publicize my birth date. The first time was when she clarified my birth date on my Facebook account because I deliberately changed it to February. This year, she blurted out my birth date in front of my officemates on a meeting. I almost escaped January without anyone in the office greeting me.

To all my friends who gave me gifts, hindi na sana kayo nag-abala, but I am happy for the things you gave me (see drawings above). I want to say a special thank you to Anna, Marj and Geraldine. Thank you for the effort of giving me a greeting card/ book. It made me happy and nostalgic. To everyone, thank you for greeting me and making me feel more required to remember your birthdays.

On my birthday, a colleague texted me: “alam kong ayaw mong binabati ka tuwing birthday mo. Pasensya ka, maraming nagmamahal sayo”. I feel so blessed! Thank you!


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