Happy Film Photography Day

Lomography Horizon

It is officially Film Photography day! Well, at least on this part of the world. This day (April 12, 2013) is inducted by Lomography as the day of the year to celebrate the unplugging of digital things and gadgets in our lives. It is a day to switch back to the wonders of the analogue life. Lomography is encouraging lomographers around the world, to create parties, events, lomo-walks to celebrate this day. But since I am a LONE lomographer and it is a shame to party alone (if that is even possible).

I’d like create a list that I have to do this Film Photography day, ala challenge, starting with not using anything digital. But I am an employee and part of my job is to work in front of the computer 8 hours a day so that is not possible. So might as well scrap that plan. That leaves me to simply doing a lomowalk with my newest camera- Horizon Perfekt.

Yay! I now own this 120 degree panoramic camera that I listed as part of My Christmas 2012 Wish List. The camera is indeed pricey and it even broke my “kurot principle” (just something I do not manage my finances) when it comes to money. But compare to its original price, I guess the it is already a good deal. It is second hand but the user seldom use it and it even has the original box and manuals so it looks like I bought it brand new.

I am still unfamiliar with it because it is fully manual, compared to my LC-A+, which has automatic meter. That is why it is a good thing to try this camera this Film Photography Day. As rule 8 and 9 of the golden rules of lomography say: “You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film”, “Afterwards either.”


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