Confused (No! Not The Gender Preference)


As you might have noticed, it has been months ago since I post regularly (exclude One Step Closer to A Dream post). I love looking at blogs, I also love telling stories, but I am have never been so into writing. I am not that good. To add, I am also very lazy. These are some of the reasons why I couldn’t update much.

But actually the main reason is because I have been contemplating about whether I should make this blog my  personal blog, and then create another for my photos and arts (I am not that good). Or just continue and just post whatever I want to post in this blog. I sort of feel like Blogger is more friendly when it comes to following other people’s blog. I can even follow feeds from WordPress blogs whereas here, I cannot follow Blogger. Most of my favorite blogs are on Blogger and if only I have seen those blogs earlier, I would have opened one not a WordPress. On other other hand, I love how simple yet beautiful, WordPress layouts are. The platform is the same but gives a different feel depending on the layout. Blogger dashboards are easier to use too. Actually I opened one already, but I haven’t really put anything on it. I merely use it to follow new posts from my favorite blogs. I actually like my site name there than this one.

Getting confused is making me lazier to continue posting. Should I just continue with WordPress or open a Blogger. Is there anyway, I can follow non-Wordpress blogs on this blog or not? Should I change my url or proceed with what I have. Ugh! I have never been someone who is good with making decisions. I am fickle minded, and tractable. How about you pray for my mind’s enlightenment?


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