My Christmas 2013 Wish List

2013 Wish List

My 2012 Christmas wish list was a year-round goal, and I am happy to say that I almost got (bought) all of it. Not the Lomography Belair camera though. I had the chance to buy it but I hesitated. With its price, it is not something I can get impulsively. I am still thinking of buying it, though.

This year I am stepping up my list. It is not really a Christmas wish list anymore, since I am too lazy to write this before Christmas. I’ll just take this as a guide for wishful thinking.

They say that there’s power in thinking.  If you keep on wishing about something, it will eventually come true. A popular saying warned us to, “be careful what you wish ‘cause you might just get it.” Pardon me. I won’t be careful because I really want this wishes come true.

Here is my 2013 Christmas wish list:

Lenovo Idea Pad S210T Netbook. My sister just bought a Lenovo netbook and I saw this model. It is really thin and light and I just can’t stop comparing it to my old Neo netbook. The fun part is its touch screen!

 Zenit SLR. Zenit cameras are legendary in the photography world. Its durable and vintage design makes me want it more. Plus, the Helios lenses create nice bokeh for great close-ups and portraits.

Nintendo DSi. I am not really a gamer but I am a Pokémon fan. The last game I played was Pokémon Emerald which runs on Gameboy Advance. I really want to continue the game with the IV and V generation pokémons.

Nintendo 3DS. Apparently Pokémon is now on its VI generation and it is only available as 3D game. Nintendo 3DS plays Pokémon X and Y and this game is a huge development from its older versions. But I really want the orange and turquoise version that was released in Japan last November.

Canon 100D. No. I am not drifting towards Digital Photography. I am still a film lover. I just think that blogging will become easy if I have my own digital camera. Canon 100D is small, light and less intimidating.

Sakura Watercolor Set. You know how lazy I am right? I seldom draw these days but I really want to try watercolor. I see a lot of bloggers/artists who create lovely artwork using this medium. They recommend trying this watercolour set for beginners.

Google Nexus 7. Years of not having a smart phone or tablet makes me feel left out. Although I won’t be using this gadget much, I just want to try using one. I choose a tablet over a smart phone because I seldom use my cellphone anyway. A tablet might be more useful.

I really hope that I could get at least half of these things. Most of them are really expensive and I am trying to be frugal so I am not sure how I can get them. Maybe someone might give it to me as a gift or maybe I’ll win the lottery. Let’s see.


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