25 Things I am Happy for Being 25

Twenty Five

My life is not really as great as other people who are in their silver years. Some people of my age are already accomplished professionals, doing the things that they love the most. They are earning enough money to spend for their entire lifetime. And they are just happy and contented with their lives.


But there is no point comparing my life to others. It is better to look back and remember the simple things that made 25 years of my existence special. So, I made this list. This list tells the 25 things that make me happy for being 25.

  1. Being alive
  2. Good health
  3. Occasions spent with my family
  4. Basically being with my Family
  5. My family
  6. Health and safety of my family
  7. I have a job (I earn money)
  8. I’m learning something from my job
  9. Discovered Lomography
  10. Learned photography
  11. My friends
  12. Places I’ve been to
  13. Restaurants I’ve visited
  14. Life outside work
  15. I studied a language (basic level)
  16. I topped that language class
  17. Korean movies I watched
  18. Korean series I watched
  19. K-pop concerts I’ve been to
  20. Became more responsible
  21. Started to feel like an adult (that’s a good thing, right?)
  22. Yet young at heart
  23. Become financially responsible (still learning more)
  24. Being happy
  25. Spending another opportunity to discover new things that will make me happy.

There are more things that make my life happy. This is just a summary of everything. After all, 25 years is a long period.

As the list goes on, I pray that my future will be as good as the 25 years I spent living, and that I’ll be a better and stronger person than I am today.


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