Take Part in Saving the Earth


Earth Hour

Today we celebrate Earth Hour. This is a global event organized by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to raise ecological awareness. During Earth hour, participating cities around the world turn off the lights for an hour. The project hopes that as lights go off, the darkness will remind people to save energy, conserve natural resources, reduce carbon footprint and become committed to creating a sustainable world.

This event has been effective in raising global awareness, but the world needs more than 60 minutes to save. It takes a change of habit and lifestyle among its inhabitants to create a difference. Do your part in helping protect the world. Here are simple ways to protect the environment beyond Earth Hour.

Recycle, Upscale

Learn to re-use your recyclable materials and upscale them to new items you can use at home. Be creative and show how much you care for the environment. There are numerous DIY projects online. You can check them to get an idea on how you can create wonderful items out of trash materials. If you don’t want to try that, at least segregate your waste and put recyclable materials to junk shops.

Don’t Buy in Excess

Are you sure you need to buy the latest phone, if you already have a perfectly working phone you bought just a few months ago? Buying things you don’t actually need, can increase the ecological wastes you produce. Instead of buying things impulsively, you can borrow items from your friends then return them after using.

Avoid Using Plastic Bags

Metro Manila produces 8,400 to 8,600 tons of trash per day. 16% of these solid wastes are plastic products, which do not easily decompose. These are also not easily recycled, creating further damage to the environment. Instead of using plastic, you can try either fabric bags, paper bags or the bayong your grandparents used to use. They are eco-friendly and stylish to use too.

Save Your Gadget’s Battery

Phones, cameras, game consoles and laptops, might be small but they still take electrical energy to use. Conserve energy by removing unnecessary applications in your phones, lessening backlight of devices and avoiding overcharging them.

Unplug Appliances

It is common belief that once you turn of an appliance, it is not consuming any amount of energy anymore. Well, this myth contributes a huge impact to the environment. Plugged devices, even if they are turned off, still waste electrical energy. Make sure to unplug unused appliance to save money for the electric bill and conserve resources.


Lower your carbon footprint by walking instead of taking your car, or taking a public vehicle. Walking does not need the consumption of energy resources; does not produce greenhouse gases; and above all, does not make you obese.

These are few suggestions you can do to conserve the environment. Remember building a sustainable life is not limited to participating in a 1 hour “lights-off” event. Take the cause by heart and know that each of us has huge parts in creating a better world. Even with our little actions, we can create a difference.

You can Join Earth Hour event this March 29, 2014, 8:30- 9:30 PM, at Eastwood Mall Open Park and SM Mall of Asia By the Bay.


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