Fresh Ideas I Need to Set This Summer


Despite being a tropical country, Philippines gets soaked with water, more than basked by the heat of the sun. That is why summer is a perfect season to start anew.

The heat of the sun (though harsh at times) is energizing. It also promotes the production of seratonin, melatonin (thanks Google) and vitamin D, that helps make you fell alive and happy.

This season is perfect to visit places, try new things and be productive. Here are fresh ideas that I plan to do this summer:

Fill More Pages of My Doodle Book

I had this doodle book I bought from Artwork and it has been with me for three years but still, I haven’t filled half of its pages. I really love drawing and doodling, but there are times when I just don’t like drawing. There are also times when I want to draw, but I can’t think of anything to draw. I actually bought this new watercolor pad to try watercolor painting, but until now it is still covered in its original plastic wrap. Hopefully, I get a visit from a muse this summer.

Plant Herbs

I may not enjoy gardening as much as my sister does, but I do love seeing plants on our pot garden. I also enjoy smelling their leaves, especially mint and lavender. My friend told me about Manila Seedling Bank in Quezon City. They offer a variety of herbs and plants that is perfect for a pot garden. I’ve wanted to visit this place, but I just can’t the find right moment to go there. This time, there is no excuse not to go there because summer is a perfect time to plant

Try New Projects, and See it Done

I remember the time when I was a kid when I upscale every interesting items I find on the street. I love doing arts and crafts and this takes a lot of time when I was a kid. While most of my friends spend more time with sports, I was at home holding scissors, paint brush, glue and cutter. I hope I get the time to do more craft. I only chance I get is every Christmas when I wrap the presents I give for my friends. This summer, I’d like to try screen printing, sewing and rubber stamping.

Take More Photographs

I feel like I am loosing my acquired skill in photography The months that I spent not taking pictures make me forget how to do it properly. Last month, we went to Binondo, and I had a problem deciding which setting I should use for my Yashica FX-7. It was not sunny, so it was harder to estimate. Also, I feel like I am betraying my passion for photography because I have not taken as much pictures as before. Summer is the season of the sun and every analog photographer loves the sunshine. It is the perfect time to take pictures without getting scared of having underexposed frames.

See the World in a Different Perspective

Not to be sappy or anything, but lately I am thinking about many things. Things that only “real” adults worry about. No, I am not thinking about how to find the fountain of youth! I am thinking about my future, stability of work, the career that I plan to take, money, and happiness in general. It is a lot to think about that sometimes I feel so stressed. The sun light should help clear my mind and sort things out.

Learn a New Skill

Summer means no classes, so students gets a lot of time to attend trainings and workshops. I may not be a student, but I intend to spend my summer to learn something new. What skill should I learn? Still, not sure I am thinking about learning how to swim, taking Korean Language to the next level, or studying Adobe Illustration. Urgh! Which class should I choose?

I really hope I’d be able to do these things and see it until the end. Like every Filipino, I have the tendency to be ningas-kugon. I get so excited in doing something new, but later diminishes, until I just stop doing what I am supposed to be finishing.

How about you how do you intend to make your summer productive?


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