Photo Story: When in Boracay

It was November, last year, when my sister and I when to Boracay to simply bond. It was a short visit, but it was the best vacation that I had. We went helmet diving, swimming, shopping restaurant hopping, fish spa-ing, and the most exhilarating activity para-sailing. Boracay is a perfect travel destination for people who wants to enjoy the beach, while having the comfort of being near to establishments.

Boracay was not only a travelers haven, it is also a photographers paradise because there are so many thing to capture in this lovely island. The environment, the people, the establishments, the attractions and more.

For this Photo Story, I limit the pictures to 120mm images I took using my Holga GCFN Camera. I used Fuji Provia and Astia films. Actually, I have 35mm images but I’ll reserve those in another post. For now, enjoy the squared images of my Boracay adventure, and remember when in Boracay, take a lot of pictures!


000005 000006




Have you been to Boracay these summer? Share your travel adventure.


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