It Took Me a While to Blog Again


It has been a while since I last blogged. I almost thought of giving up this site to relieve myself of the guilt of not being able to continue what I thought was something that I could do for a very long time. But I was reminded of why I started this blog- not because I love writing, which most bloggers would say, but because I have so many thoughts going in my mind, that I need a place where I can dump all of them. They are not deep and significant, but I just feel good to be able to take them out of my mind, and read it repeatedly. Until, hours later when I realized how bad my grammar and writing style is.

I just realized that I had to write something on this blog before the years ends. Just to tell myself, that I haven’t fully neglected (if I haven’t yet) Stardoom. My mother always accuses me of being Ningas Kugon, someone who starts a project but it never ends. So I don’t want this site to be another proof of how Ningas Kugon I am.

Anyways… I had to deal with so many things this past few months that is why I had to stop blogging for a while. Actually, I had to deal about one problem, and so many other things that made me busy.

I had a problem with my health.

It started early this year, and it gave me so much stress, and financial problems. I had to go for a check up every week to do something about it. There was even a time when I felt so depressed. Thankfully I feel emotionally okay now. I am already coping with my condition even if I still don’t feel as good as I was before. I guess, I just have to wait a little more time.

My only take away from this experience, is that I became closer to God. Every Sunday, I go to church and pray. I don’t often attend Sunday mass before, because I believed that even if you don’t go to church, you can still connect with God and pray. This time, however, I feel comfortable and light when I attend Sunday mass.

I went back playing Pokemon.


I have already played three Pokemon games since I bought my Nintedo DSi last December. It was part of my 2013 Christmas Wishlist, so I am very glad that I was able to un-check that from my list. Pokemon has a very special part of my childhood that is why I really wanted to buy a Nintendo and play the game once more. I just learned that this game is so much competitive and time-consuming compared to when I played it years ago. This time I had to learn about breeding, EV training, individual value, nature, strategies and so much more. I am getting OC about all of it that I spend my day and night playing it.

Now, I am aiming to get another Nintendo (3DS) to be able to complete my Pokedex. Also there’s another two versions that I need to play. And three new versions that I need to buy and play. Urgh! Why do I have to be so invested in this game? I am loving it though!

I started writing for Manillenials.


My friend is a blogger ( since she was in college), and it was her idea to open a website since all of us, friends, write for a living. Honestly, I thought that it won’t work out well. But so far the site is doing good. Despite a few difficulties in regards to writing the articles, managing the social media accounts, and many more. We also had problems with trolls, but I guess they come naturally. Actually, my personal blog had a sudden increase of traffic because of the viral article I wrote for Manillenials. Too bad, it went viral in a bad way. I think my article had a point, other people just don’t get it. Anyway, I have moved on. At least I have experienced my 15 minutes of fame. Lol.

Manillenials took up almost all of my time. You see, I only have a very small quota for writing outside of work. That is why I am having difficulty updating this blog regularly. So what happens is that I allotted that part to Manillenias so I did not have any left for this personal blog. I am sorry to my very few readers, which consists of real-world friends, lost netizens, and of course the spammers. So visit our site if you have time. My friends write very great articles, and you’ll learn something from them.

I really want this blog to continue. I don’t write that much, nor do I write so well. But I just want to keep sharing some of my thoughts with people. Hopefully by next year, I’ll do better.


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