A Lesson Learned After a Trip to Korea


My friends and I went to South Korea last November, and I say that it was the best days of my life. It was like heaven to be in a 7 day adventure in a foreign land, which I have been dreaming of since I started my interest in Korean drama and K-pop. To add to the fun of it, I was there in a lovely autumn season with three of my closest friends.

Korea in autumn is breathtaking. I can’t stop looking at bright red Maple leaves, the golden yellow Ginkgo trees along the streets, and the beautiful birds swooping everywhere. We don’t experience Autumn in the Philippines because, you know, geography. We only have two seasons, summer and rainy, so it was pleasantly memorable to have my first Korea vacation during fall.

My friends were also the best people to be with during a vacation. I admit, I was a bit of a prick whenever I get hungry and I always vent my frustrations to them. Thankfully, they understood that all I needed is food. Aside from my poor hanger management (poor pun, can’t help it), it was nice to laugh with them whenever we find something funny (that means all the time). I am grateful that I spent an unforgettable experience with these people.

A famous belief, tells that whenever you are so happy, something very bad will happen after. This proved to be true during my last day in Korea. I cannot say that it was very bad, but still a bad moment nonetheless. It somehow made the experience less magical.

I super love my LC-A+. It was the camera that really moved my interest towards Lomography. When in Korea, I was so happy that I stupidly placed my LC-A+ inside the hood of my friend’s jacket- just to annoy her while she was walking. But the joke backfired when she freaked out and accidentally shoved the camera out of the hood.

Yeah, it was all my fault. Yes, I don’t know what I was thinking. And yes, I probably deserve that.

My camera succumbed to the fall, and broke. Thankfully, it did not shatter into pieces. That would be worst. The camera suffered a huge crack along the film advance dial, preventing it to advance the film. Hence, it became useless during the final days of the trip. What a way to end a happy vacation, right?

A few days after coming home, I went to the ever reliable Kuya Bibot, and had my camera fixed. It took me a while to get my camera back because Korea made me poor and I got too busy with the holidays. But now, it is back! My favorite camera is totally fine now, and is ready to use. I have also developed some films I took in Korea and I can’t wait to share it in this blog.

What is the moral lesson of the story? It is always, always, always strap your camera to your wrist before playing a prank to your friend. So when your friend freaks out, your camera will not fall 6 feet into the ground. Haha. I learned a very insightful lesson.


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